Real Estate Transactions

Purchasing a home can be a process that brings joy and excitement for those involved. This is the step where one has finally discovered the perfect listing which fits within a carefully planned budget, the seller has accepted that ideal offer, with maybe some negotiation. You then realize, however, there is still one critical obstacle to hurdle…the real estate procedure. 

This real estate process is the ultimate step in the process of purchasing a home before you are officially the owner of the property. Becoming acquainted with the basics of the real estate closing should and can be an efficient and smooth procedure.

Real Estate Closing

This is the ultimate step in the process of buying or selling real estate. The real estate closing occurs when a purchase agreement is made, and the closing date is arranged. The transfer of ownership of a property from the seller to the buyer happens at the closing. Once completed, the buyer is free to begin the process of renovation or move-in.

Real estate transactions can be among the most involved and largest decisions made in your lifetime.  I’m sure you’ve heard this ad nauseam but YOU MUST READ THE FINE PRINT. Just like any huge undertaking, unexpected problems can arise, and unforeseen questions will be raised. Porro Law Group can provide close attention to detail required.

Contract Drafting and Review

Contracts are among the cornerstone of doing business in real estate; however, the process can be complex, making it difficult to understand. Whether you want to create a new contract form, review the contract, or negotiate a business relationship, you may need the assistance of an esteemed contract attorney can help diminish expense and time, handle risk, refrain from unnecessary disputes, restrict liability, and prevent unintended consequences legally. 

An experienced attorney knows the ins and outs of bad contract implications on a business. Before an attorney does a review, the signature on a contract could mean agreeing unknowingly to unfavorable and unfair terms. The negotiation of contracts on your own can be puzzling, with a result that is an agreement less beneficial. To protect your real estate pursuit the best way, you need well-written contracts to achieve enforceability instead of something one-sided to shift all liability and exposure to you.

The document can indicate who has ownership of the property and typically who granted the deed to the current real estate owner. A system of recording legal instruments at the recorder of deeds is recording deeds. The recorder of deeds is a local municipal office that maintains documents and records regarding real estate ownership.

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