dogWhat will happen to your pet upon your demise?

What would happen if you weren’t there for your beloved companion?

How can you ensure that your pet continues to receive the love and care they need?

  • A Pet Trust gives you the ability to set aside funds for your pet’s future care and determine what kind of care you expect your beloved companion to receive. A Pet Trust gives you peace of mind and provides:
    • Control over your pet’s future day to day care and veterinarian needs.
    • Is revocable, which provides that you can change and amend your trust at any time to suit your pet’s needs.
    • Ability to designate a separate trustee to oversee the funds set aside for your pets care.
    • Can become effective if you become disabled or incapacitated.
    • A Pet Trust is fully enforceable by the courts so your pet’s well being will always be assured.