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Post Judgment Enforcement

Enforcement of Orders and Judgments

Unfortunately, all too often, despite the existence of a Court Order, one party refuses to comply with the same, necessitating an Enforcement Motion to compel compliance.   Occasions also arise where circumstances change and a party is unable to comply with the terms of an Order, such as a loss of a job or the onset of a disability adversely impacting one’s ability to earn a living.  At times circumstances with regard to children change over the years, requiring a re-evaluation of parenting time.   On other occasions, as children grow older there are issues to be addressed relating to their expenses, as well as living situations, such as going away to college, or emancipation.  

Non compliance with a Court Order, whether it is attributable to a blatant disregard for such, or due to a substantial change of circumstances making compliance difficult if not impossible, as well as unexpected new issues arising between parties, require an application to the Court, by way of a Motion, to have a Judge address the same.   

Porro Law Group has for many years been assisting clients in Enforcing Court Orders as well as seeking Modification of Court Orders where a substantial change of circumstances arise.

Child Support

Child Support is the right of the Child.  It is well established that children have the right to have their financial needs met by way of support from both of their parents.  The parents need not be married, a child support obligation is imposed upon parents regardless of their marital status.

In determining child support, courts are not limited to the income of the parties, but may consider “imputed” income, as well as certain special needs of the child.  

Once a Child Support Order is entered, it can be modified over time depending upon a number of circumstances.

Porro Law Group can assist you in the area of child support for the benefit of your child.

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