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Parent Coordinator

Custody battles between parents often rise to the level of becoming adversarial, antagonistic and outright combative. This conflict can continue for years after a divorce is finalized impacting upon everyday logistical decisions to be made in a child’s life, which only serves to fuel the unending hostility. Co-parenting often involves making joint decisions concerning children. Often time conflicts arise over issues such as parenting time, holidays, where the children should attend school, and what type of activities they should participate in.  Given the history between parents, it is often difficult for parents to put those feelings aside and focus upon the child or children who they both love so dearly.  A parent coordinator can assist parties in reaching an amicable resolution and more importantly, assist them in reaching a resolution that is best for the child or children involved. 

As a Parent Coordinator, Janet L. Porro, Esq. , acts as a neutral third party amidst highly contentious custody cases.  Working side by side with parents, she assists parents with resolving disputes and conflicts in an attempt to arrive at a resolution that works for all involved and most importantly one that is best for the child or children, without the necessity of  the cost (financial and emotional ) of court intervention. 

If parties always appear to be in conflict, and have difficulty coming to a resolution of decisions impacting their child or children, then Janet L. Porro, in her role as Parent Coordinator, may be able to assist you.

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