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Juvenile Law

In years past, juvenile law in its simplest form involved representation of those under the age of 18 before juvenile and municipal courts. Ever increasingly, however, parents, who have exhausted all their emotional (and at times financial) resources, are faced with a child who is rebellious and out of control. Parents are seeking help from a legal system that does not offer many viable alternatives for the youth and the family, particularly where one is not versed in this area of the law.

Parents have certain legal responsibilities to their children, including an obligation to provide a place for the child to reside, as well as a duty to supply food and clothing, and other necessities to that child. Some courts have even imposed a responsibility on the parents to obtain legal counsel for that child in matters where charges are pending in juvenile court.

How does one balance the parties’ obligations against the parents’ rights, particularly when dealing with a youth who poses a threat to the parent or other family members? So what does one do with a child that is violent, or out of control in the home? What should a parent do when they are assaulted by their child? Is there an appropriate way to respond to your child’s threats to call a state agency on their parent and file bogus charges?

Certain avenues of relief are available to parents. Each situation is fact sensitive and turns on its own circumstances. Having competent legal counsel versed in this field of law is the key to protecting the rights of parents as well as the rights of the juvenile.

Relative to the juvenile…certain legal rights exist to protect the minor in connection with charges rendered. Negotiations with the prosecutor can lead to a result which not only satisfies the court, but more importantly, provides a mechanism by which the juvenile can obtain the help that is needed, depending upon his or her situation and issues.

The Porro Law Group has a strong background in defending juveniles as well as representing parents in matters involving juveniles who have become a risk to themselves and/or to those in their home. Alternatives are available. Use the legal system for your benefit and that of your child.

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